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About us

A litte information about us

We are a social platform for events
Founded in 2019 with love from Kenya.

Eventstur focuses on making the event experiences better. Events always happen around us that we don't know of while event planners have a hard time reaching attendees. Our goal is to provide timely and informed updates on ongoing and upcoming events with ease while providing a curated space for anyone to get there events noticed out there. We are tailoring the experience based on your location and preferences with a broad list of categories from Entertainment, Sports, Educational, Outdoor and much more.
06 Feb 2020 Incorporated as a company
16 Jun Discover events today
100+ Events
15k+ Tickets sold
200k+ Votes
5 Conferences

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We are excited to come on board on your next event with our cutting edge technology and exceptional services.

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Some FAQ’s

General Questions

  • What is Eventstur?

    Eventstur is a tech company that focuses on providing cutting-edge innovation to the events industry. Eventstsur was founded in 2019 with love from Kenya.

  • What services does Eventstur offer?

    Eventstur offers Event Ticketing, Event Marketing, Voting Platform, Digital Conferences. We have a flagship free ticketing service that aims to assist event organizers do small events professionally

  • What are your pricing rates?

    Event Ticketing Pricing - Click here

    Voting Platform Pricing - Click here

  • How do i sign up?

    The platform is easy to sign up and setup. Click register on our website, mobile application,

  • Where can i access Eventstur?

    You can visit our website or download our mobile application on playstore or Dial *702*25# to get started

  • How do i contact Eventstur?

    We have a dedicated customer care support team readily to assist you. Email [email protected] or you can call/whatsapp +254 710 454545 to get assisted. We are also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and other major social platforms

  • Who are your potential clients?

    Eventstur's main client are everyone in the events industry, awards, event lovers, people attending and holding conferences and any person interested in holding an online voting/elections/awards/contests

  • Whats Eventstur unique value proposition?

    Our solutions are driven by the public feedback and demand. We understand your needs right from the start and tend to offer the clients custom solutions and approach